Congress themes

T1 Environmental mineralogy

Convener: Prof. Xiancai Lu, Prof. Jianxi Zhu, Prof. Yan Li


T2 Technological mineralogy, industrial minerals, mineral processing, and


Convener: Prof. Maarten A.T.M. Broekmans, Prof. Ming Zhang, Prof. Bo Hui


T3 Advanced mineralmaterials with improved characteristics, including

technical ceramics and glass

Convener: Prof. Ling Wang, Prof. Runliang Zhu, Prof. Guocheng Lv, Prof. Liang Bian


T4 Solid Waste Treatment and Recycling, including comprehensive

utilization of non-metallic mineral resources

Convener: Prof. Hongjuan Sun, Prof. Bowen Li, Prof. Yunfei Xi, Prof. Ping Duan


T5 Nature-like materials based on mineral basis, biomineralogy, and Medical Mineralogy

Convener: Prof. Olga Kotova, Prof. Huaming Yang, Gentao Zhou, Prof. Shiyong Sun


T6 The Interaction of Mineral with Microorganisms

Convener: Prof. Hailiang Dong, Prof. Tianhu Chen, Prof. Xiancai Lu, Prof. Juan Liu


T7 Cultural heritage, artifacts, and their preservation

 Convener: Prof. Liangfeng Yang, Prof. Yong Lei, A.P. Guanzheng Zhuang


T8 Travertine Sedimentary Evolution and Ecological Conservation

Convener: Prof. Faqin Dong, Prof. Zhongcheng Jiang, Prof. Qunwei Dai


T9 Applied Clay Mineralogy and Applications

Convener: Prof. Peng Yuan, Prof. Chunhui Zhou, Prof. Aiqin Wang

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